My Portfolio!

Ok, so I lied. I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday. Apparently I’ve been enjoying my freedom from school.

Plus, before I started a blog, I was debating on having one about graphic design and my work or about fitness and eating. I started with this one, but still really wanted a healthy living one, so I’ve been working on another one which has taken up some of my time.

Anyways. here are most of the pieces I showed at portfolio review. There’s still some work to be done, but I’m pretty happy with how they are progressing.

This piece was done in Adobe Illustrator from a rough sketch. It was for my digital image piece.

This brochure was for a healthy eating project we had. Originally we couldn’t use images, so that is why there is only one now. It was created in Adobe InDesign.

This book was one of my favorite projects. It was for Advanced Layout. We wrote our own books, took all the photos, completely designed it and even printed and built them. I love building stuff, so this was a lot of fun.

Illustrations are my best quality, but I’m working on them as much as I can. This poster was typographical with illustrative elements at the top. The illustrations were definitely fun.

Photoshop is another one of my favorite programs. I took this photo in DC and used a bunch of tools in Photoshop to visually destroy it.

I had one large project that took me 2 quarters to complete. I may have mentioned it before, but it was called Magical Tales. It was a company that I created, branded and designed collateral for. It is a store where children come in, write their own books and we print and bind them for them to take home. The main character is a frog.

This is the stationery. I know it’s a little hard to see, sorry.

These are the signs that would be used for the store

This is a mailing brochure that would be sent to parents in the neighborhood to draw them in with their kids.

This is a poster that is blank and comes with stickers. A child can put this on their walls and create a visual story of their own if they’re not yet old enough to read.

Shopping bags are definitely needed. This one is very colorful and gives the illusion that you’re holding the frogs hammock while he reads which makes it fun to carry around.

Gift cards are another essential in my opinion. It’s an easy gift to bring in business.

A sample book. I drew all the images. The first shows the template the story would be in before the kid fills in the blanks. Then there’s a finished version without color because the kid takes it home to color. And then there’s a final version.

And last but not least, a frog backpack for the kids to use for school or taking their books with them wherever they go.

As I mentioned, this isn’t my full portfolio, but some were too complex to really show in photographs. I will definitely try for my final portfolio before I graduate. Plus, you’ll see more process since I’ll keep posting through my next quarter =)

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Hey guys (those very few who read this)

Sorry I’ve been completely missing in action the last week and a half. My portfolio review was this last Thursday and I was majorly cramming to finish up all 15 of my projects on time. Then last weekend I had to finish the projects I had been neglecting for my other classes so I could turn them in on Monday.

But the good news is, I’m officially on fall break until October 4th! And I also passed my portfolio review and will be moving onto my senior classes next quarter which means I graduate in December!!

I have to head to work this evening, but I have been working on taking photos of all my portfolio pieces to post tomorrow in a new blog. So stay tuned and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow!

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Is that the finish line?!

This weekend has still been pretty productive. I’m still feeling freaked out because my review is on Thursday and I still have quite a few things to do. *I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can?*

I managed to finish a few things for my business, Magical Tales. Again, it’s a little store where kids can come in, “write” (fill in the blanks) their own stories, we print it and bind it, and they take it home! How fun is that?? I would love to have gone to a place like that as a kid.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think everything is pretty self explanatory except the poster. The poster is just a blank/empty scenery because it’s for younger children who aren’t quite ready to write their own stories yet. It comes with a bunch of stickers (castles, frogs, unicorns, dragons, etc) that they can stick all over the poster to make a “visual” story. The other two things I finished are my shopping bag and mailer brochure.

After a long day my dining room was a disaster, but I just left it because I knew I’d be working as soon as I woke up the next day. I left a couple projects to dry overnight since they were weighted down. At least my weights are finally being used for something!!

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Under Construction

Today has been a day for building and putting together some of my projects. What a joy it truly is to see some of the things you’ve worked so hard on FINALLY come together. I got quite a bit printed except for my sample children’s books which I’ll be able to pick up tomorrow at 8am. It’s gonna be an early one!

I got my new SD card in the mail today since I somehow lost my last one. A blog posting just doesn’t feel right or even fun to me without pictures, so here’s a couple of the things I’ve been working on today…

I got my first taste of wood staining Basswood tonight to create a toy chest look for my Toy Fair Convention directionals. I’m going to put the wood around the bottom to make it look like a wood toy chest.

The frog heads are gift card envelopes and you can see the little cards. Those are for my new business which is called Magical Tales where kids come in and “write” their own stories (fill in blanks with their own choices of creatures, colors, etc). I’m having a few sample books printed tonight and should be able to pick them up in the morning.

Welp! That’s it for tonight. There’s plenty more I’m going to try and get done, so maybe there’ll be some more pics up tomorrow. =)

Have a creative evening!

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Corporate Identities

Wow, what a boring project! Designing the logo and stationery was pretty fun, but putting (why does putting look wrong to me?) it all together is just so darned boring! It’s a pretty easy project but has taken me much longer than it should have to put it together. I’ve taken many breaks in between to wake my brain back up or else…. well I don’t know, I’d just be bored to death.

Here’s a couple screen shots of what it looks like. It’s just one big book basically telling the client how they can and can’t use their logo and stationery and how everything should always look so that they don’t change things when I’m not around.

Thankfully I’m almost done. I just have to create the dividers that will go into the binder, print it all and I’m done! Hmph, but printing means I have to leave my house and go to the printers which means I have to drive and I hate driving.

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PopInk Soap Boxes

Silly as it may sound, I sometimes will buy something just based off it’s packaging. I guess being a graphic designer, I’m willing to spend a little money on something to take it home and analyze it and keep it around for motivational purposes. Heck, I have a shelf devoted to packaging I have found that I like just in case I someday want to recreate something similar.

I found this link the other day when I was researching Art Nouveau for a hot tea box I’m designing.  I thought it was pretty sweet the way you can set one box next to another and the pattern on them continues. I tried the concept with my tea boxes, but I just couldn’t get it to work and I don’t have a whole lot of time to work on them.

So for now, I’m going to post these for your enjoyment and I’ll keep you posted on when I’m able to use the idea on something of my own.

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Why Would You Draw That?!

This isn’t necessarily something that I find inspiring, but it sure is funny! Usually I see a random drawing by an artist and think “Hmm, that’s pretty cool, I probably would never have thought of that.” However, with this site, all that crosses my mind is “What.the.HECK!was this person thinking?!”

Here’s the link to the blog along with a couple examples of what I’m talking about… the horror! THE HORROR!!!!

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